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perfectly rough offers full service music production for filmmakers and advertising agencies - from the first idea to the final master.

Services include:

> Consulting for individual audio concepts

> High quality recordings with sophisticated equipment

> A personal and very efficient contact

> Reliable delivery of the final master within your time frame

> Easy right clearing and music licensing


SWR / WDR / SR / Lavafilm / Zuta Film / EMI Music / Gore Tex / Centraltheater Leipzig / Theater Dortmund / SeeblickTV

How I work:

I'm Raphael Tschernuth and I founded perfectly rough.

It's the passion of supporting stories and moving people with my music that drives me in my work. I play several instruments and compose, record, and mix music in my studio in Berlin. I love to combine analog equipment with the latest digital environments and develop unique sounds and original melodies. Depending on the project I either work by myself or within a team of musicians, vocalists and mastering engineers.

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